Attitude of Gratitude: great thoughts equal great actions.

Attitude of Gratitude: great thoughts equal great actions.

Life is not all roses.

The work we do at times can wear us down.  As entrepreneurs we often work in an environment where there is uncertainty and uncertainty can create stress.  Let’s face it, some days it feels like we are carrying a piano on our back.

It’s important that we stay mindful of our feelings and recognize when external factors are the culprit in creating this undue pressure. Typically these external factors are not in our control but how we choose to deal with them IS.   Choose to stay focused on things that are within your control.

I wake up each morning and consciously choose what kind of day I will have. It’s not a perfect system but the majority of the time you will see someone driven and positive, and happy. I choose my attitude to be grateful, positive, motivated, and optimistic. I choose not to give up on my goals and ambitions no matter what the consequences are. I choose to not compromise my values, and I choose to experience the day so not to feel as though it was waste of precious time.

My coach, Dave LaRue, is always reminding me that great thoughts equal great actions.  Are you mindful of the attitude you’re choosing or the thoughts you keep?

Check out how James describes his way of dealing with those days where giving up seems like an option.  What do I do when I feel like giving up?


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